Satta Matta Matka – The old game of chance played by Indians from the period of 1960s and till now

Satta Matka is a lottery-style betting game. The name Satta Matka means gambling pot, and this game gained many changes as years passed. The card version of Matka is also a variant of the kind enjoyed by Indian casino users. Indians started to play the Satta Matta Matka gambling game even before the Indian independence. In the beginning period, the Satta Matka also has another famous name as “Ankada-Jugar.” The meaning for this name is figures gambling, and the Satta Matka game had its peak time from the 1980s to the 1990s, and from there, the game had significant changes.

How to play of Satta Matka?

The game starts with the selection of three random numbers between 0 to 9.  Then the selected three numbers are added together. After adding them from the total, the players consider only the second digit of the sum. Then placed it with three random numbers selected previously. Then the player picks the second set of numbers in the same way. And again, the numbers are added, and the 2nd digit is selected and placed with the other three random numbers.

After these selections and calculations, the players can place their bet. There are many numbers available as options for setting the stake. If the first guessing is correct, then the player will get 9x of the chance they place. The only need in playing this game is to select the valid winning number.

What are the terms and tricks used in Satta Matta?

In this number based betting game, people use many terms, and they are:

  • Matka
  • Single
  • Jodi/Pair
  • Patti/Panna
  • Open result/close result
  • SP/DP/TP
  • Cycle Patti
  • Farak

Matka – This term refers to the earthen pot. This pot holds the chits with a random number and the winning number taken from that pot.

Single – The single is a digit ranging from 0 to 9.

Jodi/Pair – This term refers to a pair of digits from 00 to 99.

Patti/Panna – This term explains the three-digit winning number comes from the betting results.

Open result/Close result – The total outcome of the betting is of two parts. The first part is the Open result, and the second part is the close result.

SP/DP/TP –  Single Patti, Double Patti, and Triple Patti expand to SP, DP, TP.

Cycle Patti –  The last two digits of a Patti are known as cycle Patti. If 125 is the Patti, then the 25 is the cycle-Patti.

Farak- It explains the difference between the open and close results. If the winner pair is 83 and the Farak is 8-3=5.

Explain about the Satta guessing?

Satta Guessing

The essential part of winning this Satta game is the perfect guessing of the winning number. Most of the people who fail to guess the number lost their chance. The main tip for playing a profitable game is to play with the smaller stacks. The player should always calculate their profit goal by themselves. Basic mathematic skills are essential for playing this game. There are two types of Satta Matka: one-day Satta Matka and the Weekly Satta Matka, which Ratan Khatri introduces.

If a player fully follows the strategy and perfect calculation, then they can gain profit. In this game, both experience and luck are the key elements. The users can start with a small amount of betting and test their capacity and luck first, and then it is their wish to continue.

India’s game of chance

This game is a number-based betting game, and it has a high level of profit value if the player is well experienced. But the new players may struggle at the beginning. Experience and prior knowledge about the game will increase the winning chance.


  1. What is the meaning of the word Satta?

Ans: the word Satta refers to Gambling.

  1. Who introduced the weekly Satta Matka?

Ans: Ratan Khatri, a grocery shop owner, introduced the weekly Satta Matka.

  1. What is Jodi or Pair mean?

Ans: The Jodi or Pair is the group of digits between 00 to 99.

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